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Music Mends Broken Hearts

5 April 1987
Name: Amanda
Years Alive: 23
Location: Long Island, New York (I curse like a sailor and have road rage)

Loves: Music<3, hot showers, live music, plays, the city, Christmas, philosophical conversations, summer time, the beach, sun glasses, flip flops, writing, photography, singing, coffee (iced/hot), junior mints, Glee, True Blood, Bones, Buffy, movies, laughing, friends, cows, hugs, wine, beer, food, honesty, sarcasm, Joss Whedon, the night, horror films, comics, British accents, cowboys, video games, the 90's (everything about it), blogging, nice people, boots, dorks, slurpees, Starbucks, my BlackBerry, texting, dirty jokes, distractions and much more

Hates: Rude people, sluts, bitches, most girls, liars, fake people, judgments, assumptions, assholes, cockiness, snobs, terrible people, ignorance, traffic, snow, winter, seafood and much more.

Just a small town girl who wants to make her mark. If you want to know more feel free to ask questions....welcome to my world, enjoy. :)